ECS 198F - iOS Development


Welcome to ECS 198F - iOS Development with SwiftUI, a student-led iOS Dev course at UC Davis.


  • CRN for registering this course (Spring 2022) is 62458!

  • If you cannot register for this course due to the “repeated course number”, you can contact CS Undergrad Advising with your SID. CS UG Advising is working on that, redirecting requests to the college and the registrar’s office. They cannot guarantee it will work, but it is worth trying.

    If that doesn’t work out in the end, I should be able to let you audit after instruction begins if you want. However, by doing so, you are not officially registered for this course. Hence, you won’t receive any unit and the record won’t be on your transcript.

    Meanwhile, you are also not required to do the homework and they might not be graded. Everything is off-book. This just let you access course materials.

  • To further polish the course content and to secure a proper time slot and classroom for the instruction, we eventually decided to push this course to Spring 2022.

Information and Resources

You may find this information useful:

Additionally, the course flyer can be found here.